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HCRN Seeks to Expand the Network

HCRN officially posted a Request for Applications (RFA) to expand the network work today. Since its inaugural meeting in August of 2006, HCRN has consisted of three centers — Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah, SickKids in Toronto, Children’s Hospital of Alabama and later added Texas Children’s and Seattle Children’s Hospitals. Since receiving an NIH “challenge grant” in September 2009, HCRN has been considering how best to expand its research collaboration to give more power to its studies and solve more critical problems in pediatric hydrocephalus. Center expansion holds the promise of completing randomized clinical trials (RCTs) faster because the network can accrue more patients faster. The collaborative efforts of HCRN provide opportunities for investigators to study research questions that would not be feasible at a single center.

“We are excited to bring new investigators into the network,” said Dr. John Kestle, Chairman of HCRN and Chief of Neurosurgery at Primary Children’s Hospital. “HCRN provides tremendous leverage for clinicians to solve challenging problems in hydrocephalus treatment.”

All pediatric centers with a significant interest in clinical research of hydrocephalus are encouraged to apply. Special consideration will be given to centers and investigators with large volume neurosurgical practices, track records in research and a demonstrated ability to collaborate across institutions. To read the complete RFA, click here. The RFA will also be advertised in Journal of Neurosurgery in June 2010. Applications must be received by August 1, 2010.