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Semi-Annual Investigator Meeting Focuses on PHH

We just completed our Fall 2018 investigator meeting in Park City, Utah with a new format. Rather than our typical review of all studies proposed or in progress, we focused on Post Hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus (PHH). PHH from prematurity is one of the most common causes of pediatric hydrocephalus and has been the focus of a number of studies in HCRN since our founding in 2006. This year we invited a few clinical researchers who have been studying the role of different timing and techniques for intervening after an intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) where the neonate is at high risk for developing PHH. Our guests included Kristian Aquilina, MD, a pediatric neurosurgeon from Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children in London, UK, Lara Leijser, MD, a developmental pediatrician and neonatologist from University of Alberta in Calgary, Canada, Lynh Ly MD, a neonatologist from SickKids in Toronto, Canada and Joshua Shimony, MD, a neuroradiologist from St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

The guest speakers presented their findings from research studies and quality improvement protocols that they have been involved in. After much discussion amongst all the investigators, three groups were formed to generate next steps:

1. The type of intervention
2. The role of imaging
3. Timing of intervention for children with pIVH

On day two, groups continued their discussions and then summarized their recommendations to the group. The recommendations included two pilot studies on the timing and type of interventions to reduce incidence of PHH and a standardized protocol for imaging and measurements in the preemie IVH population.

The meeting format was a success is producing significant new study development for the network that could significantly change outcomes in this vulnerable population.