Dr. Riva-Cambrin, Salt Lake City, receives HA Mentored Young Investigator Award

I am excited to announce that Jay Riva-Cambrin received one of two Mentored Young Investigator Awards from the Hydrocephalus Association this year. Jay’s project will investigate whether ventricle size is associated with neuropsychological outcomes. It will focus on school aged children (5-17 years) with a new diagnosis of hydrocephalus. They will have neuropsychology testing before their hydrocephalus is treated and six months afterward. In addition, the study will evaluate the neuropsychology tests. At present, there are a large number of tests that are complex and not easily used in clinical practice because they are expensive, time consuming and not specific to hydrocephalus. Dr. Riva-Cambrin’s study will determine whether these tests can be narrowed down, and identify the few most meaningful ones that can be used more efficiently with less expense and provide more specific information about hydrocephalus.

Prior to receiving the funding, Jay presented the study idea to the HCRN investigators. Regardless of funding, it was selected as a new HCRN project.

Congratulations Jay on getting this going and on receiving the HA Mentored Young Investigator Award!

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