HCRN Chairman Summarizes Crete Hydrocephalus Research Workshop

On May 20th-23rd 2010, the 5th International Hydrocephalus Workshop and meeting of the International Society for Hydrocephalus and CSF Disorders was held in Greece. Over 100 surgeons and scientists attended from Europe, North America and Japan. In the past, this meeting has focused on adult forms of hydrocephalus. Recently there has been increasing participation by pediatric hydrocephalus researchers at the meeting and this year was the best yet. I represented the HCRN and talked about the current and future status of clinical research in pediatric hydrocephalus. The response was very positive – one senior neurosurgeon commented that “


  1. What new classifications of Hydro was Dr. Rekate talking about?

    Also, my daughter (who has hydro) and I are very interested in aquaporens. Are there any new aricles out from this conference about aquporens?

  2. Hi Jane,

    Neither Dr. Rekate’s discussion nor the aquaporins work is published as of yet. Dr. Rekate has been working toward a classification in the interest of improving the clarity of diagnoses and treatment for some time.


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