HCRN Infection Study in the News

Dr. Kestle’s research on the HCRN Shunt Protocol was published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics this month. Because of the potential impact of the study to reduce infection rates, the Journal has made the link to the article public. You can read the publication it is entirety here — A standardized protocol to reduce cerebrospinal fluid shunt infection: The Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network Quality Improvement Initiative.

In addition to being published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, Dr. Kestle was interviewed by Medscape.com which published an article about the findings entitled Surgical Protocol Significantly Cuts Shunt Infection Rate This site has much broader readership in the medical community than just neurosurgeons so it is a very positive step in creating awareness for HCRN, its research and the protocol. The hope is that more hospitals will adopt the protocol and help decrease the shunt infection rate worldwide.

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