HCRN Researcher Dr. Tamara Simon Moves to Seattle

Dr. Tamara Simon, a hospitalist at the University of Utah, who focuses her career on the study of kids with hydrocephalus, has made an “in network” move to the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Dr. Simon’s research, funded by an NIH K award, has focused on the hospitalization burden associated with hydrocephalus and shunt infection. Dr. Simon has published two significant papers on hydrocephalus (Infection rates following initial cerebrospinal fluid shunt placement across pediatric hospitals in the United States and Hospital care for children with hydrocephalus in the United States: utilization, charges, comorbidities, and deaths) the latter of which has shown the burden of pediatric hydrocephalus to may be as much as $2 billion in hospitalization charges annually.

“Shortly after my arrival, I met up with HCRN collaborators Dr. Sam Browd and Clinical Coordinator Amy Anderson, and we are already getting to work together!” said Dr. Simon. “I think the research opportunities are many, and I am really excited about the progress we’ll make in the coming years on hydrocephalus research here in Seattle!”

Dr. Simon’s ability to move her career to Seattle and stay involved in HCRN isa great beneift to our research into the prevention and management of shunt infection.

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