Risk Factors for Shunt Malfunction Article Released

Two articles from HCRN Investigators that were highlighted on our blog in early February have been released in full text courtesy of the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics (JNS: Peds). Dr. Riva-Cambrin’s article entitled “Risk factors for shunt malfunction in pediatric hydrocephalus: a multicenter prospective cohort study” and Dr. Kestle’s article entitled “A new Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network protocol to reduce cerebrospinal fluid shunt infection” have both been released by JNS: Peds.

Riva-Cambrin’s article describes the results of the first multi-center study to determine the risk factors for shunt malfunction. Kestle’s article provides an update on HCRN’s revised quality improvement protocol to reduce post surgical CSF infections from shunt surgery. These research studies and quality improvement protocols are funded in part by private philanthropy from the Hydrocephalus Association and the participating hospitals of HCRN. HCRN appreciates the ongoing support of the Journal of Neurosurgery to release the full text of these articles for the general public.

All of HCRN’s publications can be found on the HCRN website under Research | Publications.

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