Summary of Semiannual HCRN Meeting

The semiannual HCRN meeting was recently held in Salt Lake City November 9th and 10th. For the first time we were joined by Gavin Reed who is the research associate at the Hydrocephalus Association. This meeting gave Gavin the opportunity to learn about HCRN and its studies and to represent HA at the meeting as part of our expanding partnership. The Core data project has now accumulated over 3000 events and plans for several analyses from this database were discussed. Several new projects were also considered. Chevis Shannon from Birmingham, having completed her PhD, is now on the Neurosurgery faculty — as such she presented an idea to study radiation exposure in IVH children. She was encouraged to develop a more detailed proposal for this interesting idea.

The infection protocol data were reviewed and possible changes to the protocol were discussed pending further analysis. Progress on Dr Riva-Cambrin’s “VINOH” study was reviewed. This study is funded by a Mentored Young Investigator award from the Hydrocephalus Association. The study examines neuropsychological outcomes in children with hydrocephalus. The collaboration with neuropsychologists is exciting and now a number of centers are entering patients. Finally the status of Dr. Jay Wellons’ study of Shunting Outcomes in Post Hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus and its pending NIH application was discussed. Excellent progress is being made and the grant will be reviewed in the New Year.

Plans are under way for the spring meeting in Houston.


  1. Assalam u alaikum
    .My daughter was investigated for post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus. when she,s age was 4.months. then she shunted for duration of 6.months.
    then the neurosurgeon advise ETV. now after doing that she,s head circumference going large.
    she,s also having some neurological deficits in her dandy walker syndrome. which i can just guess.
    please do something extraordinary for people suffering from hydro..that they can manage their lives..
    thanks and regards..

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